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IoT: How is this technology already changing the market?

IoT: With the advent of the internet, a world of opportunities has opened up like never before seen in the history of humanity.

Even now, the connectivity of things is known as the Internet of Things ( IoT ) or the Internet of Things (IoT). What are these things? It’s everything you can imagine, whether inert, mobile or even alive, as long as it can connect to the internet in various ways.

Computers will never reach the likeness of a human being with the capacity for full intelligence, at least not in the actual human conception. Because our intellect is beyond physical ability, it has a very subjective essence outside the temporal context. Therefore, a machine will never reach the intellectual potential of a human being. After all, IoT technology itself is the man who is creating it.

But one thing is for sure, this large volume of stored data ( Big Data ), the speed at which data is obtained, the processing capacity and the connectivity of things by the systems in a coordinated and intelligent way is something revolutionary and tremendously great. That man is developing in history: the Internet of Things.

What Is The Internet Of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of Things ( IoT ) is the digital interconnection of any material ( vehicles, buildings, refrigerators, clocks, cell phones, etc.)

For some time now, the internet has been providing excellent possibilities for interactivity between men, breaking all kinds of barriers, whether physical or not; now it is the turn of objects to have a specific intelligence and to use the internet to communicate, transmit relevant information and that fits man’s need.

Can you imagine the toothbrush possessing sensors to detect some anomaly in the teeth and inform the dentist? – “Hey, you need to go to the dentist to solve a possible cavity”.

Or, your toilet detects a potential health problem in your urine in its early stages. This is the  IoT, programmed to be service providers applicable to humanity.

Recently, a smartwatch saved a user’s life after detecting an extreme tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) and then forwarded the information to the doctor’s cell phone, warning of the risk of a heart attack. By a hair, the citizen did not lose his life because if he took a little longer, he would die, confirmed the doctor.

What Is The Impact Of This Technology On The World?

In the initial conception, it is highly positive. Helping humanity through computational power, helping to live better in the world, anticipating problems that can cause damage or compromise physical, emotional, and financial integrity, and even preventing the early loss of people’s lives is something, let’s say: divine.

But for its implementation, all this requires great care, and it needs to respect the privacy and security of the people that will be exposed with so much information being published on the net as in a true ‘Big Brother. Porting its essence is tremendously essential. However, privacy and security care are necessary.

What Is The Relationship Between The Internet Of Things And Consumer Behavior?

It was directly aimed at people, whether individuals or legal entities, in this case, companies. The impact is positive in this generation and especially in future ones when technology is more robust and consistent. Information is generated through monitoring, collection and analysis of data, greatly facilitating people to make crucial decisions in life in an increasingly accurate, safe and fast way.

Companies Already Use This Technology

Increasingly, companies want efficiency in their processes and use the monitoring capacity of systems embedded in things to anticipate failures that may compromise production and thus expect viable and cost-effective solutions because this is a dream for both sides, consumers and companies.

An example is the use of sensors in agricultural tractors that measure soil conditions and forward data to be analyzed by systems capable of diagnosing essential details in the land, thus making suggestions for improvement for planting.

In the real estate construction market, it is possible to build smart homes for residents to control remotely and equip them with thermometers, energy consumption regulators or appliance managers. All of this makes it easier for the resident, as well as for companies, to increase sales.

Why Do Companies Need To Be Prepared For This Reality?

The  IoT is the future, and robotics is knocking on the door; artificial intelligence communes together to work and offer this new reality for men, giving a much more comfortable and safer quality of life.

Of course, all this has its cost; the evolution of this technological wave is increasingly accelerated. However, it is not cheap to develop, the technical input is costly, and the consumer’s adherence, in the end, is from top to bottom in the socioeconomic pyramid.

How To Prepare For This New Technology?

This technological age is so gripping, persuasive, and compelling that it flows smoothly into society. Who wouldn’t want to get home and have the digital butler ask them what they want? Or going to prepare a bath, activating the equipment connected to the internet for relaxation in the bathtub? Better, a snack coming out automatically? This is fantastic!

The ability of this digital butler to show, remember and encourage activities we usually do at home, like reading a book, doing gymnastics and putting clothes in the washing machine, comes from a technological wave where user effort is minimal. What is worrying is the financial aspect, because it will not be cheap to acquire this type of technology and therefore, it is necessary to prepare.

Now, speaking of technological companies, it is a great certainty that they increasingly need to develop intelligent programs, use advanced languages, prepare professionals, create targeted sensors, and modern equipment capable of talking to each other and man, all this via the global network, our darling, versatile, addictive and adherent,  internet.

The Internet Of Things Came To Do Good

It is good to emphasize that all this intelligence belongs to man; he transmits, programs, and develops software capable of making decisions through Things to solve everyday issues of our lives in a skillful, consistent and fast way. These are this technological reality’s goals, to bring humanity benefits. Indeed, evolution is constantly improving because man never stops evolving and learning from his mistakes.

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