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Improve The User Experience With Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: Enjoying a service that can be accessed anywhere in the world and through any device has led many companies to migrate to the cloud.

Cloud computing also allows the storage and processing of a large amount of data quickly and efficiently, in addition to enabling the acquisition of information to the system, according to the increase in the Company’s demand.

These advantages can also be beneficial if one of your Company’s goals is to improve the user experience. Want to know how this is possible? 

Analyze Usage Logs More Efficiently

Log files describe patterns of user behavior that are essential for businesses because they allow for a detailed profile of those who use their services.

Major entertainment providers like Facebook and YouTube use log analysis to predict which songs you will enjoy listening to, which pages you intend to like, and which products will interest you. All of this is based on your online access history.

Your Company can use this same strategy with customers. Monitoring a more significant amount of information from users helps to make a more detailed analysis of their profiles. It also allows you to determine your business’s target audience more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction by offering services essential to solving their problems.

Adapt To New Demands

One of the problems with storing data is that with usage logs being created automatically and from various sources, disk space soon becomes insufficient.

This means that, from time to time, it is necessary to do some maintenance on the servers, either by compressing the files, changing them from the server, or even deleting this data.

With cloud computing, this is no longer a problem, as you can easily switch between analyzing hundreds of millions of users without worrying about the limitations of a conventional data center. Cloud space is unlimited and allows for resource scalability.

Apply Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators are metrics relevant to a Company’s strategy and express, in numbers, how much the results of a business are aligned with these objectives.

These indicators help, for example, to visualize how much is spent with each customer, how many of them stopped interacting with your brand in a given period, and what is the average time each of them spends visiting your website or blog.

To get the most out of it, it is essential that a Company knows where to direct its efforts and can identify which areas need more attention. This is only possible by creating specific indicators for each objective; after all, they point out what needs to be improved and in what way.

In other words, to know how your business is doing, you will need to collect and store data. Cloud computing allows you to do this satisfactorily. Various software to measure and interpret data uses cloud technology and can be hired according to the time you need to use them.

Identify The Most Used Resources

Part of a Company’s strategy is to identify the resources that are most used by customers and which need maintenance, whether due to performance failures or simply because there is room for improvement.

You can use custom log analysis combined with performance identifiers. This will help you identify which features have been most profitable for your business and which need more monitoring tools investment.

Innovate Features At Minimal Cost

Cloud computing allows you to deliver innovative solutions to your customers without spending on expensive and sophisticated software. This is possible because these solutions are acquired as services in the cloud — the so-called SaaS (Software as a Service).

Your Company does not have to worry about installing or updating this software. They are hosted on the servers of the companies that provide this service, and you only pay for their use.

By choosing cloud computing, your Company will be able to offer the most varied technological solutions to users at a much lower cost than usual and with less effort on the part of your team.

Create A Unique User Experience

Cloud computing is capable of providing experiences that go far beyond the capabilities of most devices.

Users are often blocked from having specific experiences because their devices are incompatible with certain programs and file formats or on another device. Thanks to cloud storage, these two barriers are eliminated.

In addition to information portability, cloud computing brings the differential of highly personalized services. By integrating machine learning with personal data in the cloud, it is possible to create customizations that would be much more complex using conventional machinery.

Two examples of what was mentioned are on YouTube and Spotify. The two platforms allow access to millions of songs, wherever the person is. They also make it possible to create personalized playlists and indicate others according to the user’s access history.

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