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How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Training

Artificial Intelligence in Training: Technology has become increasingly present in our lives, and this is due, among other factors, to the impacting process of digital transformation society is going through.

The most diverse areas of daily life have been influenced by modernization, including corporate training, which has made use of artificial intelligence (AI).

We prepared this post for you to understand artificial intelligence and how it can be applied to corporate learning. We will also show an excellent LPX platform to make it possible to apply training using AI.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

For many years, we were referred to themes from movies or science fiction books when talking about artificial intelligence. Still, artificial intelligence has never been as real and present as it is today. In short, AI is a robotic technology that simulates human thinking and decision-making ability without needing a physical form.

AI can read, interpret and analyze an infinite amount of data in a few seconds and, based on that, reach conclusions and define actions based on the available content. With the advent of Machine Learning, AI goes further and can even learn from this information.

Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence is one of the most significant technological achievements of the modern era since human beings were able to develop software capable of thinking and reproducing thoughts in an improved way compared to people, which makes our lives more accessible in the most diverse spheres.

What Is The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence For Training?

Employee training is an issue of critical relevance to modern organizations. Among the challenges that HR departments have faced is the difficulty in finding qualified professionals who meet the profile of the organizational culture, in addition to the need to improve and train employees already integrated into the team.

That said, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning have proven to be true allies for companies in qualifying people, verifying their skill sets, recommending learning paths, and providing the necessary tools to train professionals. And the best: all this is automated, highly productive, and low-cost.

How To Make Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Corporate Training?

Distance learning, or, as it is better known, EAD, is no longer a novelty in the times we live in. However, with social isolation measures due to the Covid-19 pandemic, digital platforms that use artificial intelligence to enable distance learning have become known to the general public.

Given the context, we will show you how to use artificial intelligence in corporate training in the following topics!

To enjoy all the benefits and features offered by artificial intelligence in corporate learning, it is necessary to choose a system equipped with features such as Big Data and Machine Learning, that is, a highly modern platform aligned with digital transformation.

Use The Content Recommendation Feature

One of the significant advantages of an LXP platform, such as Genie, is that it is based on algorithms capable of analyzing the behavioral profile of each professional registered in the system and segmenting the contents according to their interests and needs.

Apply Automatic Moderation To Optimize Performance

Videos, texts, or images representing any material not allowed by the system’s artificial intelligence automatically identify any material not allowed by the organization’s policy. Thus, the database is moderated without requiring effort and wasting energy from managers, which also ensures more fluidity and credibility when posting content.

Educate Employees About The Intelligent Search Feature

Similar to Google’s “autocomplete” functionality, LXP platforms such as Genie can also display the most likely results that users want, making searches more accessible and refined. For example, names of processes, equipment, or even specialists are already informed on the screen without the employee accessing the complete results.

Encourage The Use Of Innovative Forums

One of the benefits of having an efficient LXP platform for corporate training is that this tool allows democratic and autonomous access to the knowledge recorded in the company’s database.

Thus, with the help of artificial intelligence, employees have the freedom to access any technical material and information relevant to their work and to the organization’s segment with just a few taps on their cell phone screen. After all, the system has a vast library of knowledge registered in intelligent forums.

Encourage Engagement

Finally, spare no effort when it comes to encouraging the commitment and participation of professionals in corporate training because the more significant the engagement with learning, the more chances they will have to solve problems and deal with everyday issues in the company, in addition to the fact that it fosters the spirit of teamwork.

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