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Holistic Growth: Fast Growth For Your Business

Holistic Growth: Much has been invested in Growth Hacking strategies to accelerate Growth and sell more. This methodology is also defined as experiment-oriented marketing, widely used to apply rapid and massive Growth to a business.

However, as the father of Growth himself, Sean Ellis, has already stated, that term is no longer applicable. The big bet is now called Holistic Growth. But after all, did she come to replace the first one? Discover this and much more in the following article. 

What Is Holistic Growth?

The Holistic Growth method aims not to be limited only to the application in digital marketing but also in all business areas, thus developing a more holistic vision of the company. Based on tests and experiments, the methodology is used as the company’s DNA, applied to the product, operation, support, sales, and HR teams. In this way, all employees begin to engage with the method.

Difference Between Growth Hacking And Holistic Growth

Holistic Growth is a new strategy that emerged to complement the then-known Growth Hacking. In this way, it did not come to replace but to specify the application of the existing methodology better. The word “hacker” is not well regarded and has a certain appeal that something wrong or forbidden is used when applying the method in the business. This contributes to creating many myths that need to be clarified for those interested in the concept. 

The idea of ​​this method is that everything is tested before being used in the sales strategy. In summary, with the tests and experiments, it is possible to verify the level of acceptance of the investigation by the public, document the results and apply them in the strategies that worked to accelerate the company’s Growth.

In this way, Holistic Growth emerged to end these myths, make the actions experienced continuous in the business, and stop being punctual. In addition, it aims to demystify that the strategy depends only on applying a “killer hack” to unlock the company’s Growth. It becomes continuous and applicable in several areas.

It is a mixture of methodology, management, and mindset that applies to companies that adapt well to the VUCA scenario (volatile, complex, uncertain, and ambiguous). In an increasingly competitive market, speed is the secret to knowing what works and what should be discarded in the sales strategy. This makes results much faster, and time and resources are optimized. 

How To Apply In Your Company?

As this article mentions, the Holistic Growth methodology applies growth-hacking strategies focusing on experimentation. Just as we walked through the digital marketing funnel, there is also the growth hacking funnel. This one aims to guide the consumer journey, optimizing each of the five stages: acquisition, activation, retention, revenue, and referral.

The Growth Concepts

Growth strategies are based on the following concepts: run, test, learn and share. Incidentally, it is impossible to talk about methodology without talking about experiments. It all starts with a curiosity about an inevitable phenomenon in which it is possible to elaborate hypotheses through the execution of experiments. 

The marketer must create new ways to acquire or retain customers by performing low-cost actions. These actions are previously tested to verify and document the results to learn from them. 

In summary, the scientific method starts with a question, from which research is carried out to build a hypothesis. Soon after, the tests are done through experiments, which are documented and evaluated so professionals can learn from them. Data analysis is shared with the rest of the team and applied to other business areas if necessary. 

Advanced Agile Methodology For Growth Marketing

Having a growth strategy is critical to increasing business profitability and accelerating results. To streamline this process, investing in an agile methodology is necessary. Agile Growth works with the concept of testing several hypotheses simultaneously in an accelerated way. 

However, it is necessary to have a strategy based on planning, constant analysis, and a flexible organizational culture that allows changes quickly. The aim is to expand the company’s volume of opportunities and sales in a predictable, recurring, and measurable way. 

Several methodologies can be applied to a growth strategy. However, it is essential to have optimized management so that the execution of all processes is assertive. In addition to determining the best methodology, it is necessary to detail the tactical actions for its implementation and understand whether the company is, in fact, ready to grow at an accelerated pace.

The starting point is to map the critical issues of the business, which will allow an understanding of what developments and changes will be necessary for the organization. A tip is to have as an ally tool for automating and measuring marketing and sales results. Metrics need to be monitored and understood so that objectives are achieved. That is why growth management is so vital for the company.

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