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Development of Computer Systems

This course mainly concerns three technological aspects necessary for the development of the ISI axis project:

Python language (6h)

Android mobile platform (6h)

Django web platform (9h)

In addition to these technological bases are various useful tools for the development and deployment of the ISI project:

Unit tests (1h30)

Deployment (1h30)

Finally, the course ends with the development of a prototype of the ISI project:

Development of the prototype (6h)

The final section concerns all the tools and documentation useful for training.

1 .Python Language

In this course, we study the Python language. This completes and opens the first-year object-oriented programming course, where the Java language is used as technological support for the introduction of object-oriented concepts. Python will be necessary for the development of a web-oriented application for the ISI project with the Django platform, which is itself written in Python.

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This part consists of learning Python through the official tutorial and the development of programs covering the main concepts of Python.

2. Android Mobile Platform

The ISI project requires developing a thin client on the Android mobile platform. This type of development is based on Java and XML and will be carried out using Eclipse and the Android Development Kit (ADK).

3. Django Web Platform

Django is a web application development platform following the MVC (model-view-controller) architecture. Django is known for its lightness and speed of development. Django is written in Python and requires knowledge of databases, HTML, and object-oriented programming (with Python). ActionThe development will be carried out in Eclipse with the plugin Pydev.

This part is divided into three sub-parts corresponding to the components of the MVC architecture:

creation of the Django project and relational model (Model in the MVC sense)

the notion of views (Controller in the MVC sense)

the idea of templates (View in the MVC sense)

4 Unit tests

An important aspect of application development (even more so when working in a team) is the activity of unit testing. Django offers its unit testing framework, but there is one for most programming languages ​​( JUnit for Java or Android, for example).

Django also allows you to manage fixtures (or installations) of initial data in the database to carry out tests, in particular, or to populate the database before deployment.

5 Deployment

Django allows you to develop rich and efficient prototypes of web applications quickly. On the other hand, the default deployment is carried out on an application server written in Python, which may not support the scale of a website. Additionally, choosing a good database management system can also be decisive when deploying a web application. This part of the course will explore these different aspects.

6 Development Of The Prototype

The ISI axis project consists of the development of an application based on rich data (with a DBMS) accessible via the web (with Django) or on mobile (with Android ).

We recommend iterative and incremental development (see Project Management course ). Thus, we propose to initiate the application with a very simple prototype, which uses the different technological bricks seen in this course. The hours dedicated to this prototype, therefore, consist of teamwork to develop the heart of your project.

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