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Content Marketing, Business And Digital Marketing: Difference

Content Marketing, Business And Digital Marketing: You’ve heard many times that one of the main secrets to being “successful on the Internet” is to write good content, publish it frequently and make sure it is relevant to your target.

Google is one of the great allies in this, as it constantly changes its algorithm so that good content gains relevance and search position ahead of companies, websites and brands that do not work in content marketing.

But when we talk about quality content in the marketing and communications market, those great ideas from advertisers who won awards at Cannes immediately come to mind, with films full of effects or stories that touch the heart and bring emotion. And as a result, we always wonder to what extent those super ideas really generate business and bring financial returns.

Or is it long-term work of value and building brand image?

What About Digital Content?

Content marketing is present in all types of communication and media that a brand or company does. It doesn’t matter if it’s online or offline; it’s always necessary to use the strategy in all media.

But when we focus on online tools and channels, this content marketing needs to be done differently. Of course! Content is content, regardless of the objective of the campaign or the medium in which the brand is located; it is necessary to have planning and execution in accordance with the purpose, DNA, audience and positioning of the brand.

Today, there is no longer a division between online and offline; everything converges towards the same endpoint: your consumer/client.

Why Not Talk About Content As A Business Tool?

Much has been said about content marketing, but little has been addressed about the strategy for generating business. And why does this happens? Most of the time, the market does not believe in the potential of content for business, which is entirely wrong. If quality content is added, in accordance with the language of your audience, to a job well done with other marketing strategies, you can be sure that the result will be enhanced.

Furthermore, through content, we have many possibilities, such as reducing doubts and even rejections about a product or service, providing various information and making sales. Who said you need to lose focus on sales? Content is an excellent tool for taking a potential customer (lead) to the conversion funnel. Content can and should work as a conversion booster for your company.

And Why Not Video Content?

One of the points of attention this past year is video content. It has been taking space from other means, as it is dynamic, interactive and can be put to good use, regardless of the situation in which the person finds themselves receiving the information.

But how so? Just thinking about someone on the subway at 8 a.m. on the way to work. Among all the media, the one that will be able to make an impact is video, which does not need an angle, full attention or the right moment.

Furthermore, mobile is taking over the world. Life is mobility, so content also needs this mobility and dynamism.

Content Personalization For Better User Experience

Everyone already knows that content is essential, and it’s no longer a trend; now it’s the rule! What is coming now is more personalized content, wholly focused on consumer behavior and taste.

And what does that mean?

Do you know the potential of Big Data? Here is a great place to be utilized. All this information serves as a history, and therefore, we use the information to capture consumer behavior and offer a differentiated access or purchase experience.

Content Marketing By Those Who Understand The Subject!

How does your company use content marketing to generate business?

  • A well-designed content marketing strategy is an essential element for increasing visibility and generating leads. Despite being considered ‘old-fashioned’, the maxim “content is king” is an essential part of execution. At G&A Comunicação, we take advantage of digital to reach our audience in an assertive way through the blog, social networks, segmented email marketing and website. All, of course, are based on qualified content storytelling techniques and targeted at the target audience. Laís Guarizzi, President at G&A Comunicação Corporativa.
  • Content is fundamental to the success of a business because it is responsible for creating relationships and engaging the public. Anyone who thinks that content is just about creating personas and content categories is mistaken. It is also necessary to think about strategies for integrated actions (online and offline) and build a visual identity line together with the Art Direction team. I still see a promising future with the inclusion of Human Rights to work with brands, which increasingly need to promote social and sustainable impacts in their businesses. 
  • Content marketing is a way of unifying all digital communication around customer acquisition and retention, helping to achieve the company’s goals. Especially for B2B companies, content marketing is an effective way to generate new business. The challenge here is to generate content that proves the company’s authority on specific subjects, and that attracts and retains audiences on its websites and social networks. An excellent example of generating business is the publication of Whitepapers or infographics. These materials attract visits from relevant people organically and at a low cost. After becoming interested in the topic, they become leads in exchange for downloading the material. This lead is highly qualified and has a much lower acquisition cost than those obtained in other ways: Victor Pina Schmidt, Delivery Director at ESV Digital.
  • Content marketing generates business in several ways. To begin with, if a brand has content on the Internet, it will have better results in Google searches – when there is video, performance is even better. That alone is quite rewarding. A recent survey came out that proves that one in every three girls who watch videos on how to do makeup buys the product in question. This is the most significant proof that the content is highly seductive for sale.

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