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Benefits Of Digital Sustainability For Your Business

Digital Sustainability: Topics present in debates on the future of organizations, digital transformation, and sustainability go hand in hand more than we imagine.

The concern with climate and environmental changes has given rise to awareness campaigns and effective practices, generating more and more interest in digital sustainability daily.

This concept encompasses extensive discussions, studies, and actions to replace polluting energies with renewable resources like solar and wind energy.

However, the conversation extends to other horizons and raises questions about the legacy we are leaving to future generations.

Another point raised is about the actions of organizations with governments to transform communities and society.

A Brief Context On Sustainability

Conversations in favor of sustainability are relatively recent in the globalized world. More specifically, they departed from the Stockholm Conference in 1972, in which the foremost leaders gathered to propose solutions in defense of biodiversity to reduce sudden climate changes.

Sustainable development was on the agenda, where aspects such as the emission of polluting gasses, deforestation, and the lack of balance in exploiting natural and mineral resources could have severe consequences for the planet’s future.

At the end of the 20th century, the arrival of the internet innovated human behavior in society and at work, and it was only a matter of time before digital transformation took place.

With technological advances and the fourth industrial revolution, virtualization intensified, and automated resources replaced old processes, facilitating the relationship between man and machine and making production and delivery more agile and efficient.

Likewise, concern for the environment has also intensified in a new era; we were introduced to digital sustainability, which currently guides several corporations.

What Is Digital Sustainability?

The idea of ​​digital sustainability takes forward the proposal of responsible growth, thinking about alternatives to the use of fossil fuels, saving energy, reducing pollutants, and creating collective awareness.

The application of digital sustainability within companies takes place primarily on two fronts: in developing an infrastructure that assimilates the concept’s guidelines (social, economic, and environmental responsibility) and in the participation and encouragement of projects that make a real difference in the production chain.

That is, it is not just about supporting and publicizing actions but about representing a sustainable posture following the regulations of the sector in which it operates. In addition to proving the principles established in compliance and in response to consumers about the commitment to respect the environment.

How To Prepare Your Company For Digital Sustainability 

As we have seen throughout this article, digital sustainability is a topic of great importance in the current context of the corporate universe.

More than a set of ideas, it is practically an institutional philosophy, which must be remembered in the primary management steps, from planning to the production flow.

That’s why we separate vital elements to incorporate digital sustainability little by little in your organization.

Focus On Training 

Plurality is a characteristic of modern times, and each employee has their individuality and ideologies.

Therefore, companies that wish to incorporate sustainability into their values ​​must train professionals on the subject and promote practical actions in favor of the ideal.

This must be done organically, naturally presenting the pillars of digital sustainability in presentations or meetings and encouraging the search for a deeper understanding of the subject, with indications of materials, training, and daily practices that exemplify the breadth of the subject.

With this gradual and collective setting, professionals will feel more comfortable suggesting new proposals related to the theme, taking the precepts forward.

Invest In Infrastructure And Renewable Energy 

Talking about renewable or ecological energies raises several conversations about the ease of access to such resources, which often remain in the background.

Therefore, it is valid for companies to understand the scenario with maturity, delegating responsibilities to know how to translate the idea into action effectively.

A more organic lifestyle can be adopted in companies, with support from organizations and entities in the region; strengthening the local community is also a way of practicing sustainability.

Taking care of the infrastructure is also part of digital sustainability. After all, electrical and plumbing repairs and maintenance, changing equipment, and even choosing paint colors generate energy savings, making the company more friendly.

Shared Economy

In the last decade, sharing economy companies and startups have become a global trend. Companies such as Collective Tools and Driver Seat invest in this administrative model. We can also remember the coworking offices, which helped to redesign work formats.

When flexibility at work is on the rise, it is worth emphasizing that creating a collaborative culture between two companies can result in good business.

With the right partnership, both ventures can develop a network of services with benefits, such as navigation systems and file storage in the cloud.

The integration of physical and digital spaces results in cost reduction. Better: Using resources, creating awareness campaigns, and promoting digital sustainability with customers and stakeholders is possible.

Digital Transparency With Management Software

Visual management has become a necessary model in today’s companies, mainly if they aim to achieve engagement and enable collaboration between teams.

The implementation of this administrative method is consolidated with the transparency of data and results, with leaders sharing their proposals openly in their positions or through tools that connect information, people, and tasks in one place.

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