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6 Graduation Gift Ideas For The Class Of ’23

Graduation day is a monumental occasion in anyone’s life. If you have a friend or relative celebrating the completion of high school, college, or graduate school, you can honor their achievement with a unique graduation gift. Since there are tons of suitable options for graduates, choosing the perfect gift can be a challenge. Worry not — these gift ideas will surely please the class of 2023.

Consider Their Personality

When choosing the perfect gift, it helps to reflect upon the graduate’s personality a bit. Are they passionate about the latest tech gadgets? Or would they prefer a more sentimental gesture? Most tech lovers would appreciate a straight-from-the-box item, whereas those with sentimental leanings would prefer a creative gesture like your taking the time to customize phone cases with pictures of cherished life events. By determining the personality of your giftee, you will be able to pick out the most suitable option from the following list of ideas.

Gift Idea 1: New Phone Accessories

Giving a smartphone-related gift is a practical way to let your graduate know you care. A new phone case is a solid option, especially if you learn the graduate is receiving a new phone as one of their gifts. You could go for something practical, like high-quality sustainable phone cases for graduates who plan to spend a substantial amount of time outdoors or vacationing in wilderness locales. Or, you could take the sentimental route by getting an iPhone 14 case with custom pictures printed on it.

Should your graduate already have a sturdy phone case, you could get them a card-holder case to help them organize any credit or debit cards they are holding for the first time. A power bank is a gift that’s extremely useful for keeping multiple devices charged up. It can also charge laptops and other gadgets needed for college or in a professional environment. iPhone users will also enjoy Apple-compatible accessories like MagSafe chargers and AirTag holders.

Gift Idea 2: A Little Help in the Kitchen

Since many graduates move to a new location, they often need new kitchenware. Kitchen gadgets and other supplies are incredibly useful for anyone transitioning to a new chapter of their life.

A superb example of a kitchen-related graduation gift is an air fryer. These convenient cookers can prepare meals in a flash while also being incredibly easy to clean. Despite the simplicity of the cooking process, air frying achieves exceptional results with most types of food. Items like air fryers fit in with the busy schedule of someone settling into a new lifestyle. Coffee makers, slow cookers and microwave ovens are other ideas. Alternatively, quality sets of utensils and other kitchen accessories are always welcome in place of big-ticket items.

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Gift Idea 3: The Nintendo Switch Game Console

Nintendo’s hybrid game console is a portable system that can connect to a TV for more traditional play. Although it has been on the market for many years, the Switch is still going strong and has a steady stream of game releases coming its way. In fact, the extensive library of games is the primary reason the console is such a fine gift for graduates who deserve a break after extended study sessions. Also, if your graduate is going to attend college in the near future or take a new job with a long train commute, the Switch’s portability will give them something to do with their downtime.

As for games to go with the Nintendo Switch, that largely depends on the titles your graduate likes to play. Evergreen experiences like Mario Kart Deluxe are always a safe bet for most people. When in doubt, you can always get them a gift card that allows them to pick what they want most.

Gift Idea 4: A Stylish Backpack or Organizational Tote

When heading off to college or a first professional job, your graduate would do well to stay organized. A backpack or tote is a great accessory to help keep them on track. In addition to choosing one that matches your graduate’s style, consider what the graduate will do with it. Backpacks may not jibe in a formal office environment, but they should fit comfortably in a business casual or college setting.

Gift Idea 5: Tablets and Laptops

A portable device that emphasizes productivity can massively improve a graduate’s quality of life when stepping into the real world. Not only can it help them research careers or college material, but it is the perfect gadget to help them wind down and relax after a stressful day of self-improvement. Your graduate can play games, watch movies and gain knowledge, all with one device. Laptops tend to use more energy and have less battery life, whereas tablets trade some processing power for an all-day battery charge.

Gift Idea 6: An Inspirational Book

A book that offers wisdom or guidance on navigating the real world can be a thoughtful and helpful gift for a graduate. Some examples include “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey, and “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg. You can also find popular books about college success that a high school graduate might love. If you give a book that helped you in your life or career, your gift will be all the more meaningful. Write a note to the graduate on the inside cover for a personalized touch that will turn your present into a keepsake.


When you’re choosing a gift for a graduate, consider their personality, interests and aspirations as they embark on this new phase of life. Whether it’s a practical item to help them in their professional life, a sentimental keepsake to commemorate their achievement or a fun gift card to help them enjoy their downtime, countless gift ideas will make a graduate’s day. Thoughtful gifts such as phone cases with customized pictures are surprisingly effective. Any of the gifts above could be exactly what your grad needs to start the next chapter of their life with a positive mindset.

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