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What Is The Best Type Of Post For My Business?

Now that you’ve thought about whether or not investing in Digital Marketing for you Business on Instagram makes sense for your company let’s see some publishing possibilities that can be done.

Show Your Backstage

How are your products made? Images of the manufacturing process can add exciting value to your sale and bring more information to those who buy. Do you provide services? What is your way of working? Answering these questions will give enough information to generate the content and ensure engagement.

Tell A Story

Create posts that link one image to another. Series with different themes connect the user and create a storyline that leads to the content and makes their followers wait for more.

One way we found to do this here at RD was by making galleries with several images that tell a story. In this, for example, we explain how to break a record in generating leads and sales with the help of our software, RD Station Marketing:

Say Where You Are

Is your business local and needs visitors? This can be a good way for people to know where you are. In addition to the caption, use geolocation in your images. If the company has several branches or franchises, it’s an excellent way to show where they are. Another alternative is to register the company’s presence at events or lectures to generate credibility.

Use Images With Text

A short sentence, quick read and clean layout. Images with text can be a great reason to share. Famous phrases (as long as they are authorized or public) aligned with your business, catchy phrases or flashy content are good ways to use the image with text. But be careful with the caption; it needs to be an extension of your sentence and not a repetition. 

What Is The Best Time To Post On Instagram?

The best times to post on Instagram are generally as follows:

Saturday at 2 pm; Wednesday at 5 pm; Thursday at 5 pm and Sunday at 8 pm (for some segments such as education and technology) We try to bring this answer to answer the question objectively, but remember that this may vary depending on the behavior of your followers.

So ask the question: what are my consumer habits? How does he behave about my business? If you have a lunch-only restaurant, keeping posts at 11 am might be a good option. If your company works with leisure services, postings on Saturdays or Sundays may bring more results than on working days.

Learn How To Make Good Use Of Hashtags In Your Digital Marketing On Instagram

The famous hashtags are keywords that determine the subject of the post. Using the right hashtags can give your photos great exposure and is one of the main strategies for users to find your profile. But be aware: it needs to be public. Otherwise, all your efforts will be useless.

We separate five efficient and straightforward tips on how to use hashtags.

Be Careful When Creating Hashtags

If you like, you can add numbers to hashtags, but don’t use spaces or special characters (like *, $, or %). 

Good example: #digital_results 

Bad example: #digital%results

No More, No Less

Placing multiple hashtags in the same post will not make it more attractive and can even scare off new followers due to exaggeration. According to Instagram itself, the ideal for each image is to have between one and three hashtags, with five being an acceptable limit, as in the example below. By the way, it’s good to know that using too many hashtags or specific terms in them can lead to a punishment called shadow ban, which can be pretty annoying.

Look For Hashtags That Relate To Your Context

Using broad or prominent hashtags can cause your images to fall into a sea of ​​information and not be found. Look for those that most closely match your context. Studying your followers and competitors can be an excellent start to inserting your hashtags.

Create Your Hashtag

Don’t think that people will use the hashtag just because the hashtag is yours. Put a context in which it can be used — an engagement action, a promotion, or piggybacking on an offline campaign. Having your hashtag also helps you measure the results of your campaign.

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