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Is Nokia G60 5G Any Good? Performance And Screen

Nokia G60 5G: Having been a brand of great prominence in the cell phone market and the first smartphones, Nokia generates nostalgia in many users.

And, even if the current Nokia does not have the same capillarity of the company’s heyday, with each new device with minimally attractive technical specifications, curiosity about a possible return of the brand to its best days also grows. While not a paradigm shift, the new Nokia G60 5G is good and might be a purchase option for some users. Check out our review.


The Nokia G60 has very impressive specifications. However, the look of the device is not very innovative. On the front of the device, we find a drop-shaped notch at the top center of the screen, a look already considered old for smartphones in 2023. On the back, we have a textured plastic cover made of recycled material and a rectangular camera module with rounded spikes that houses the three lenses of the camera set. 

The device has volume and power buttons on the right side and a fingerprint sensor. The model still has a P2 input for headphones and IP52 certification against splashing water.  


The Nokia G60 5G is the brand’s first device to have an IPS screen, a technology that provides good image viewing, despite not being the best in displays today, falling below many competitors that already use AMOLED displays. In addition, the resolution is Full HD, ideal for watching movies and series, while the refresh rate is 1200 Hz, which also benefits the gaming experience and makes usability very fluid.

Performance And Software

In terms of performance, we can consider the Nokia G60 as the typical mid-range device in 2023 with 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal space, and a Snapdragon 695 processor, a recent chip from Qualcomm’s 600 families that, in addition to good firepower for games and usability worry-free everyday life, it also has 5G support, something that will be more and more common from now on, but that we still need to highlight. 

The Nokia G60 5G also leaves the factory with Android 12, but Nokia guarantees up to three updates, reaching Android 15. As for connections, we have NFC here, it shouldn’t be, but it’s still a differential and common connection like Bluetooth.


The Nokia G60 5G is a competitive mid-range smartphone, except for its camera set. The main lens is competent with 50 MP, although it is in the category average, the other sensors could be more inspiring to users, being a 5MP ultrawide lens, and the third lens is a 2 MP macro sensor. The camera is also not surprising for selfies, with 8 MP. Another evidence of the camera module’s lack of capacity is the video recording capacity, restricted to Full HD at 30 FPS. The model has the main functions necessary for a smartphone, such as night mode and HDR photos. 


Despite not being at the most common battery level of devices, 5,000 mAh, the Nokia G60 5G offers a battery with good durability with its 4,500 mAh and included 20W charger.

Is Nokia G60 5G Any Good?

With good hardware specifications, a very fluid screen with 120 Hz, and an average main camera, the Nokia G60 5G is a good device for those who don’t want to worry about crashes in several applications and games, although it is not a device designed for games most titles should run with good graphics quality.

However, the model leaves something to be desired in some aspects, such as a design that refers to previous generations of smartphones with its drop-notch screen and a battery slightly below the current market average.

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