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Identify The Best Keyboards For Business PCs

How often have you needed to do emergency work when your keyboard suddenly stops working? To avoid such inconvenience, it is essential to identify the best keyboards for business PCs. 

Among the tips is to avoid purchasing units at low prices that break within a few months, creating a stock of broken equipment in your office.

Below, we will present some of the best keyboards to use in the service and some tips for configuring this component according to the circumstances that may arise in everyday life.

Best Business PC Keyboards

Although there are several specific keyboards for use in the operational routines of companies, there are some productions that stand out for their technical resources. Some examples are:

  • Microsoft Arc: features a quality design and portability;
  • Microsoft 3000: Offers more freedom because it’s wireless;
  • Multilaser TC 199: has modern lighting;
  • Logitech K230: for businesses on tight budgets;
  • Microsoft 2000: ideal for working with more data security.

Ahead, you can find out a little more about each of the best keyboards for business PCs shown in the list:

Microsoft Arc

Design and portability are the two points that stand out in the product. The ergonomics of the production were designed to generate comfort for those who work with typing for several consecutive hours.

The product is 2.5 cm thick and 30 cm long. Working with the model on the table or your lap is possible, taking advantage of the elegant design that modernizes the office’s décor.

Microsoft 3000

It is Microsoft’s most beloved corporate computer keyboard today. Its main advantage is the possibility of working wirelessly at a distance of up to 9 meters.

At the top, some keys serve as shortcuts to play music, videos, images, and emails, among other tools, optimizing the work of each employee. In addition, the keys are liquid-resistant and very quiet.

Multilaser Tc 199

One of the best keyboards for business PCs, this model allows you to customize the hardware lighting in up to 7 different color choices. The package also has extra keys for use in case replacement is needed. In addition to the shortcut buttons on the keyboard, it also offers different customizable keys for the collaborator to format in the way they find most useful.

Among the various models available on the market, find out how to identify the best keyboards for corporate PCs.

Logitech K230

With this model, you pay less for the functionality that meets the current main operational demands.

With a durable battery capable of working without wires, it is portable and has silent keys positioned to facilitate jobs requiring faster typing.

Microsoft 2000

If your company values ​​security in every detail, use a Microsoft 2000 keyboard with AES technology is advisable, which encrypts everything being typed.

Each of the Microsoft 2000 keyboard editions has its uniqueness, thanks to its specific equipment. Other standout features: Wireless, padded backrest, silent keys, multimedia control, and other special features.

How To Enable A Laptop Keyboard?

The simplest way to activate the notebook’s keyboard is to use the features on the accessory itself. Hit the “FN” key and then press the “NUM LK” key, sometimes depicted with a different color.

The “NUM LK” function is sometimes described as “INS” on the keyboard. In this case, press “FN” and then “INS”. Ready! Now, the notebook is active for you to work at ease.

How To Unlock A Laptop Keyboard?

For keyboards with “NUM LK,” there are no difficulties unlocking: Press this key and press the button called “FN.”

After using the machine, you can perform the same procedure to lock the notebook keyboard again if you wish.

Did you see how easy it is to unlock the notebook keyboard? Remembering: The way to perform this task may vary according to the model: “NUM LK” or “INS.”

Why And How To Change The Notebook Keyboard?

Don’t overlook the importance of having the best keyboards for business PCs. Physically, one of the leading causes for changing the keyboard is when the keys are worn out. Other people opt for the change because they are used to different standards about the order of the legends of that particular model.

Many companies plan to scrap notebooks just because the keys are dirty. This is usually a mistake since, with little money, you can change a deleted key and still enjoy the best the machine can offer, along with the best keyboards for corporate PCs.

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