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How To Prepare For A Business Panel In 5 Tips

Business Panel: Do you know what a business dashboard is? If you are looking for a trainee or intern vacancy, you may find this stage of the selection process on the way. 

A business panel is one of the final stages of a selection process, where the candidate needs to show all his problem-solving skills to managers. 

It works like an in-depth case study discussion and is one of the most decisive steps to secure a vacancy as a trainee or intern. 

And so that you feel prepared, we have brought a collection of tips on how to do well on a business panel in this article.

What Is A Business Dashboard? 

The business panel is one of the stages of the selection process for internships and trainees, and it usually appears in processes for significant companies in the market. 

This phase of the selection process takes place before the final interviews with the managers and after the group dynamics and interviews with the HR department. 

That is, when the time comes to participate in the business panel, you are already more familiar with the company, and the organization already knows your curriculum. 

This step’s objective is to analyze your problem-solving strategies, your analytical thinking and the line of reasoning you use. 

And for that, you will be questioned and evaluated by the company’s managers. Their presence is the biggest differential in this phase of the selection process. 

How Does The Business Dashboard Work? 

As the objective is to assess the candidate’s problem-solving ability, the business panel begins with the challenge of solving a case study. 

You may work alone or be assigned to a duo or trio. HR offers a real challenge the company has daily, and you (or you) need to find a solution. 

After the presentation of the solution, the managers bring questions that aim to understand how you arrived at this exit and how you would make your ideas viable. 

The truth is that managers will not evaluate your resolution but your logical reasoning, organization, conflict resolution, creativity and coherence. 

Understanding what they are evaluating and looking for gives you a great chance to stand out. 

Five Tips To Stand Out On The Business Dashboard 

Now that you know what a business dashboard is and what you will be evaluating, check out our tips on how to do well on one:

Know The Company You Applied For

The first step to doing well on a business panel is to immerse yourself in the company you applied for. 

At this point in the selection process, you should have already researched the segment and area of ​​activity, but try to go deeper. 

Look for interviews with the owners or the CEO, and try to understand the company’s history in the market and its challenges. 

Stay on top of the moves made by her and try to look to the future too, understand what is expected from the sector where she is and how she can position herself in it. 

Having this deep knowledge about the company is a way to bring more certainty to the solution you propose and clarity at the time of presentation. 

Clear All Your Doubts Before Starting

Something that can never happen is that you arrive at the presentation with doubts about what is expected of you at that moment. 

So if you’re left with a question about how the business dashboard works or the issue, raise your hand and ask. Even if the question seems primary. 

It’s worse for you to assume something wrong and appear inattentive and unprepared in front of managers than to ask the recruiter to repeat the task statement. 

Try To Anticipate The Questions That Will Come

As you already know, the business panel will have your presentation and a meeting where managers will ask questions about different aspects of your solution. 

So, an essential tip we can give you is to try to anticipate the questions they will ask. So look at your presentation with a critical eye and try to imagine where the opportunities for questions that managers will ask might be. 

If your solution involves budgeting, make a list of possible budgeting questions. If it involves marketing, think of all the possible questions about it. 

And if possible, have someone read your presentation (or present the solution to them) and ask them questions.

Practice Your Presentation

An important part of a business panel is its ease when presenting.  Therefore, an important tip is that you train. Train your diction, how you will build the presentation, and your posture. 

One interesting thing you can do is record yourself as you present. This helps you understand if something is blocking your presentation or the best way to move while speaking. 

By the way, this is a good technique to understand if a part of the presentation needs improvement. 

Be Confident About Your Presentation

Finally, it would help if you felt confident with your presentation and the solution you will present to the problem. 

If you are disconcerted or nervous, it could hinder your resourcefulness and confuse managers about your skills and competencies. It may be that your knowledge does not reach them clearly due to your internal doubts.

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