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How To Create A WhatsApp Link To Put On The Website

Creating a direct shortcut to WhatsApp using a link is an excellent way to speed up sales conversations; learn how to use and learn about alternatives.

WhatsApp is already an inseparable part of daily life. We use the app for communication, from keeping in touch with loved ones to participating in endless discussions in groups of friends and co-workers. In addition, we increasingly use it to purchase products from companies of all sizes and markets.

Thus, it is even expected that a company will be available to provide service via WhatsApp. Of course, a minimum of structure is needed, but small, medium, and large businesses adapt. It would help if you made your number visible so that potential customers could easily find you.

There are several ways to do this, like using a QR code or our favorite: the button on the website. In this post, however, we will talk in detail about creating a WhatsApp link and placing it on your company’s website and your social networks

How To Create A Link With An Automatic Message

Using the same functionality, it is also possible to set up an automatic message to facilitate the start of the conversation. Remember that not all people are easy to type or even communicate with, and a little ready-made text can lessen that friction and make the conversation happen.

Just insert at the end of the passes above ?text=message%20. To use spaces, use %20 between words. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it, but the code goes into these URLs to do the separation. In the end, it will look like this:

  • https://wa.me/5548999999999?text=Eu%20quero%20fazer%20um%20pedido

The contact is made with the automatic message, and you can talk to your customer. The tip above about the shortened is also valid here, as the WhatsApp link has become even longer, as you have undoubtedly noticed. So, creation is pretty simple. Next, let’s exchange ideas about using this functionality in the best way.

How To Use The WhatsApp Link

First of all, create a WhatsApp business account. This guidance is not just for this post, as WhatsApp Business is the most appropriate way for a company to use the application. It allows for things that the regular account doesn’t have, like setting up autoresponders and having product catalogs.

You can place your WhatsApp link anywhere on your website or blog. Just copy and paste where you want, either at the top of the main page or in some posts with articles or products. It can work like the call-to-action (CTA) as a “next step” in Digital Marketing.

It is not necessarily the moment of the sale in the first contact – in fact, it rarely is. You or your salespeople must understand the demand of the person who came by WhatsApp. It could be an opportunity to send a Landing Page so that she receives material and delves into a service you offer, for example.

How To Put WhatsApp Link On Social Media

Another advantage of having a WhatsApp business account is that you can quickly put your number on your business Facebook page or your Instagram business profile. In both cases, you don’t even need to create the link.

On Facebook, click on the “Add a button” and select the option to put your WhatsApp as a contact on the fan page’s cover ( see how to create yours ). On Insta, which also needs to be in the professional profile, follow the sequence:

  1. Edit profile
  2. contact options
  3. WhatsApp Business Phone
  4. Put the code sent

Thus, your followers will have this contact option. If you prefer or do not yet have a professional account, you can use the famous link in the bio. Just click “Edit Profile” and paste your close WhatsApp link into “Site”. When the user clicks, they will be directed to a conversation with you. The good idea is to make Stories periodically to inform your followers of this possibility.

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