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8 Innovative Corporate Benefits For Your Company

Innovative Corporate Benefits: Your company can go beyond traditional corporate benefits — health or dental plans — and stand out in the market. Come and understand why!

Corporate benefits are great tools to motivate employees and retain talent in the company. However, while some companies provide only the basics, others offer innovative rewards that, in addition to engaging their employees, guarantee other results.

What Are Innovative Corporate Benefits?

Employees are a company’s greatest asset; they are responsible for its fundamental activities, such as producing goods and performing services, thinking of strategies to improve performance and serving customers.

To do all this with quality and productivity, it is necessary to invest in their training and development, but also in another important element — motivation. Without this stimulus, employees may not perform their tasks with the same commitment as before and, in worst cases, even cause the professionals to leave.

There are several ways to combat employee demotivation and encourage better performance at work; among them is the possibility of offering corporate benefits. This reward is used to attract and retain talent in the company, increasing their engagement and motivation at work.

Why Embrace Innovative Corporate Benefits?

Innovative corporate benefits are adopted to attract good talent to the company, as it adds to the salary and meets professionals’ specific needs. 

The Human Resources sector sees these innovative benefits as a crucial resource to compete with the best companies in the market, attracting the attention of the most qualified talents.

In other words, innovative corporate benefits are a very effective strategy for retaining and attracting new talent and high-performance professionals who will contribute to achieving the targeted results. This is because the benefits are lasting and will ensure professionals’ satisfaction for a long time.

The employee feels valued and satisfied for being part of that company through actions like this. As a result, the turnover rate decreases, productivity increases, and the organizational climate improves.

8 Innovative Corporate Benefits For Your Company

Some organizations already offer traditional corporate benefits such as health care, dental care, and profit sharing. 

However, adopting innovative rewards can be a great strategy to differentiate your company from competitors and attract good professionals to your staff. 

Let’s see some examples.

1- Culture Voucher

A very attractive incentive is to partner with cultural institutions to offer their employees special discounts on concerts, cinema, exhibitions, theater plays, festivals, and purchase of books, CDs and DVDs, among other options.

The company can also take advantage of some government cultural voucher initiatives to offer this type of benefit to its workers.

2- Health Stimulus

Another benefit that has been gaining prominence is related to employees’ health care. Some organizations offer discounts at gyms, clinics and other spaces with partner businesses, encouraging employees to have a better quality of life — which indirectly influences their work.

Some companies even offer massages indoors, helping to reduce stress in times of pressure. 

3- Resting Spaces

Another interesting idea is to internally promote some environments dedicated to the relaxation of employees, offering recreational activities (such as games) and rest options. This can reduce stress, especially in sectors and businesses prone to greater pressure and demand for results. 

4- Nursery, Daycare And Extended Maternity/Paternity Leave

The concern for the children can end up harming the employees’ work. There are two options to avoid this and help them with the little ones: provide an internal nursery/nursery space or partner with institutions to make vacancies available to their employees. This way, they will have a reliable place to take care of their family while they dedicate themselves to their jobs. 

Another interesting idea is to increase the period when mothers and fathers can take care of their newborns or newly adopted children, showing the company’s attention to its internal public — thus improving employee engagement. 

5- Advice In General

An innovative corporate benefit is to offer and make accessible various services to its employees, such as psychological and legal advice. The employee going through complicated personal problems can find support in this option, helping him have more tranquillity and well-being to carry out his work. 

6- Flexibility At Work

Even more with the younger generations, flexibility at work is very attractive and valued. This can be done through actions such as remote work — whether adopted fully or on certain days of the week — which is linked to reducing stress and increasing the well-being of employees. 

Another even more innovative option is the concept of job sharing, which offers even more flexibility within the company and time for the professional to engage in other activities and commitments.  

7- Mentoring/Coaching

A trend that is increasingly present in companies is the promotion of mentoring and coaching programs. These actions help employees develop professionally and personally, increasing their motivation, purpose and qualification. 

In addition, implementing this item is a great way to show attention to the internal public, also improving engagement with the company. 

8- Scholarship/Encouragement To Learning

One of the ideas that both help motivate employees and improve their professional qualifications is to offer courses, scholarships and other actions to encourage study. 

Some organizations provide English classes, corporate universities and business training to increase their employees’ knowledge and make them more productive and efficient in their jobs.

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