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8 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

What is the first thing that pops into your mind when considering examples of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? If your answer concerns robots or intelligent machines, it’s right.

However, this idea goes far beyond that and is often present in everyday life. The fact is that AI solutions have arrived with force in the business world.

They bring together a series of software and devices with computational codes and logic similar to human thought. Thus, a device or system with AI can duplicate employee behavior, serve the public, analyze the customer consumption profile, control inventories, provide technical support, and plan delivery routes, among other activities.

What Are The Advantages Of Using AI?

Learn about the benefits of using and applying Artificial Intelligence in business:

  • Collection of relevant data — technological resources favor the collection of information from the target audience both in physical establishments and in virtual environments, allowing to gather of strategic information that involves interests and buying habits;
  • Service improvement — virtual assistants and chatbots streamline contact and make the relationship between both parties faster and more dynamic;
  • Automation of tasks — computerization performed by AI can automate everyday activities, such as bank reconcilers, cash flow control, inventory management, and sales forecasting, among others;
  • Consumer experience — AI favors the collection, monitoring and analysis of purchases and customer relations data. Through these references and standards, it is possible to develop commercial approaches that increase the chances of a sale.

8 Examples Of Artificial Intelligence

There are several practical examples of AI in business management. Next, meet the most evident ones!

Use Of Bots For Customer Service

Bots are computer programs designed to run in online applications to perform repetitive and automated functions. For example, chatbots with integrated AI were designed to interact with the customer based on data and public responses, simulating real-time human conversations.

This technology streamlines services in channels that repeatedly receive the same questions and complaints. It can be applied in the customer support section on the company’s website and official profiles on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp ), speeding up responses and freeing up the service team for more strategic activities.

Analysis Of Consumer Behavior

With AI applied to retail, your business management system learns from customer behavior, allowing you to offer a more personalized commercial journey. Technological resources learn the consumption habits of the public and offer options compatible with their interests.

In addition, the application or program also analyzes the collected data to improve marketing strategies, for example. When performed correctly, generated information can bring valuable consumer insights, such as lifestyle and interests.

Optimization Of The Purchasing And Inventory Process

Another way to find AI in business is through tools that optimize purchasing processes. This type of application evaluates the records on the purchase of inputs and raw materials company’s sales forecast for the coming months.

The program raises and analyzes everything through the information in the database, which one person could not carry out efficiently. This capability is applied to improve a facility’s inventory management to improve put away and replenishment processes.

Route Apps

When thinking about a delivery route, it is necessary to move from one point to another or pass through different destinations during the journey, as in the case of simultaneous deliveries made by restaurants, snack bars, pastry shops, pastry shops, etc.

Popular apps like Google Maps and Waze are champions in navigation. However, they need to make a detailed routing based on the characteristics of the delivery to be carried out for the customers.

In this sense, the router is necessary, as it goes beyond tracing a route that connects two addresses. This software raises a series of relevant details so that route planning is more efficient, reducing the distance traveled, delivery times and costs and increasing the productivity and safety of operations.

Some factors a routing application considers when planning delivery routes:

  • distribution and characteristic facility’s products to be transported by car or motorcycle;
  • calculation of the delivery time according to the activities of the establishment and the customer’s address;
  • prioritization of deliveries in the case of food that must be consumed immediately after preparation;
  • neighborhood restrictions.

Therefore, route apps are essential for businesses that want agility and efficiency when providing delivery services to consumers.

Predictive Analytics

In recent years, data has taken on a massive role within organizations. They are insight tools for making accurate decisions that generate value for people and companies.

Predictive analytics can anticipate events that, based on trends, were similar to the past. And precaution is essential to avoid the recurrence of problems and scenarios.

That maxim of “learning not to repeat” can be efficiently applied from Artificial Intelligence. With continuous knowledge from patterns and repetitions, AI generates predictive analytics regularly.

Process Automation 

Automating processes reduces costs. This is mainly because automation is easy, promoting agility and customer.

Those repetitive processes can be automated, like picking up and ordering from a restaurant. That way, you can turn an operational task into something automatic and agile. 

Automation also prevents some costs from human failures and errors . Can you imagine the situation of a person not passing on the task to the next stage? With automation, this scenario is avoided.

Fraud Detection 

Fraud is a real risk for the entire operation. In addition to generating huge losses, they can affect your customers’ sense of security with your brand.

That is, it is a real disastrous scenario that needs to be avoided. Artificial Intelligence makes it easier to map the entire application in search of possible fraud scenarios.

A bot can, for example, map out suspicious situations and behaviors, such as a new customer who places an order with a very high value.


Customers increasingly demand a personalized experience. They want to be treated customized, based on their tastes and desires.

With the platforms’ algorithms, it is possible to map people’s behavior patterns and organize offers in a way compatible with these desires.

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