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5 Signs That Your Company Needs An IT Restructuring!

IT Restructuring: It was when the IT team within companies served as mere operational support, which aimed to keep computers running.

With corporations migrating towards digital transformation, IT infrastructures began to play a leading role in the smooth running of the business; that is, there is less and less room for obsolete, insecure, and low-performance infrastructures.

In this scenario, it may be necessary to restructure IT within the company to reach its maximum productive potential, identifying the points of greatest vulnerability. In this post, we bring the 5 main points that should be analyzed, which serve as a sign that it is time to upgrade your IT infrastructure. Check out!

Use Of Outdated Software

Besides performing below what is needed for good productivity and obsolete features, outdated software can bring security problems, becoming a gateway to attacks and intrusions. That’s because most of the updates developers create focus on resolving security vulnerabilities known to cyber criminals.

To avoid these problems, it is paramount that the company automates corporate software updates or opts for cloud solutions in the SaaS model. In this model, software management, including updating, is the provider’s responsibility and is carried out automatically when made available.

As it has access to its customers’ data, the provider can schedule updates when there is less traffic on the system, thus avoiding productivity problems for companies.

In addition, using software from a SaaS solution ensures that the company always has the most modern features, as developers are constantly evaluating data regarding the use of applications and seeking opportunities for improvement based on the demands of their customers.

Presence Of Old Hardware

Old hardware is considered an “enemy of productivity” as it cannot handle more modern applications requiring greater processing capacity. By insisting on this equipment and thinking it is saving money, the company loses its competitive potential, as it will not explore its maximum productive potential.

A good solution to accelerate the evolution of your IT infrastructure is through complete virtualization, migrating all resources to the cloud. As a result, the company now has state-of-the-art technology, remotely, that is, without worrying about upgrades and maintenance.

With current technologies, a company’s entire infrastructure can be realized, including desktops. In this way, the company guarantees it will always work with the necessary computational resources to produce as much as possible with its current team. In addition, virtualization facilitates the adoption of the hybrid work model, as employees can now access their virtual desktops from anywhere.

Data Storage Issues

Data production in companies has grown exponentially in recent decades, and not all are prepared to receive such a large volume of information. The result is a limitation in the storage of information, which can hinder strategies for searching for insights through information analysis. In addition, storage limitations can degrade application performance.

The cost of upgrading physical infrastructure is often high. In addition, to implement and manage such an infrastructure, the company will need more physical space and to increase its internal support team. A solution to these storage problems is adopting a remote dedicated server through a quality provider.

Thus, you will have a quick implementation, a provider ready to provide quality support, and you will be able to scale whenever you need more computational resources without worrying about acquiring new hacks, servers, peripherals, and physical space.

Frequent Security Issues

When the company experiences constant security issues, it is a sign that something is wrong with its IT infrastructure. In this scenario, it is important to have qualified professionals “comb through the IT infrastructure” to map vulnerabilities and create strategies to remedy them.

Remembering that security problems can be caused by several factors, ranging from human failures to outdated software. In addition, with the new data protection laws, such as the LGPD, companies that capture and process customer personal data can avoid losing this data, as the penalties can be heavy.

Increased Expenses With Repairs

With the digital transformation and the increasing dependence of companies on their technological solutions, the reactive IT management model, in which professionals wait for a problem to happen before taking action, is no longer viable. It is important to adopt a proactive model, with remote monitoring and automation, to identify and address problems before they snowball.

When an IT infrastructure starts to rely more on corrective than preventive repair, it is obsolete and needs to be updated. Once again, remote servers are gaining ground due to their ease of acquisition, migration, and scalability.

After reading this post, we hope you can take the first steps toward your IT restructuring. If this restructuring was slow, expensive, and bureaucratic in the past, with the evolution and cheaper technologies, such as cloud computing and increasing broadband capacity, access to remote dedicated servers, which allows the virtualization of the entire IT infrastructure, became accessible.

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